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Plug valves

A plug valve is mainly used in industries with abrasive applications. Due to the difficult handling, orifices larger than DN150 are rare unless the medium has lubricating properties.

We supply plug valves from AZ armaturen. Both two-way valves, with or without heating jacket, and multi-way plug valves are available from us.

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Plug valve operation

A plug valve is bi-directional and is closed by means of a solid cylindrical or conical plug with a straight bore. This plug rotates in turn in a sealing sleeve. In an open position, the plug bore is in line with the inlet and outlet openings of the valve. When we turn the plug a quarter turn, the flow is stopped.

Plug valves have two basic models: with and without lubrication. Lubricated plug valves are used in applications where perfect sealing is required. Lubrication can be pressed into the grooves of the plug via the provided lubrication nipple. In this way a lower operating torque is obtained.

Often, non-lubricated plug valves have a liner or sleeve made from a low coefficient of friction material, such as PTFE or PFA, in order to achieve a lower operating torque and a better seal. The great advantage of a non-lubricated plug valve is that there is no contamination of the medium by the lubricant and it eliminates the need for periodic lubrication.