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Pinch valves

The Pinch valve is mainly found in installations with abrasive, corrosive and fibrous media such as granulates, powders and slurries.

Pinch valves are used for a large number of applications in the chemical industry, water treatment plants, construction and cement industry and plastics industry because of their good anti-abrasive properties.

We are a partner of AKO fittings and can offer mechanical, air operated pinch valves and sleeves.

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Pinch valve operation

The pinch valve is a modular valve consisting of a housing, a sleeve and two connection pieces. The great advantage of a pinch valve is that it has no dead spaces and guarantees a free flow of media because of its full capacity.

There are two types of pinch valves: mechanical and air operated pinch valves. Only a minimum amount of compressed air is sufficient to close the sleeve. The quality of the sleeve largely determines the quality of the valve. In addition to the choice of material for this sleeve, the medium pressure and control pressure also determine its product life span.

Pinch valves are available with a plastic, aluminium or stainless steel housing and with a wide variety of sleeve materials.