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Knife gate valves

A knife gate valve also called a knife gat valve is a multi-turn valve and a simplified version of the gate valve, the body of which has been reduced to a minimum. The slide plate is beveled and sharp to easily cut through powders, granulates and viscous and contaminated fluids.

Since the very beginning in 2014, Fluxer has specialised in knife valves. You will find our knife valves as a bottom valve at the bottom of feed silos, as a wall slide in purification plants or as a valve for pulp in the paper industry.

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Knife valve operation

The operation of a knife shut-off valve is similar to that of a gate valve, but the design is very different. Would you like to know more about the use, the advantages and disadvantages and the different versions of the gate valve? We have a full page dedicated to knife valves via this link.