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Globe & bellows sealed valves

If at any point in your system you want to regulate or stop the flow of liquids, oil or gas, you use a globe valve or a bellows valve.

The mechanism of a gate valve is similar to that of a tap, only you regulate the flow with it instead of the outflow. The most commonly used valve for steam, oils and water is the valve. Valve valves come in hundreds of different sizes and variations. In our stock you will find bellows valves, hydraulically and pneumatically operated valves and valves with a threaded, welded or flanged connection.

You can also come to us for gate valves such as needle valves and float valves.

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Globe valve operation 

A globe valve consists of an s-shaped bore, a plug, a seat and spindle. By turning the spindle you move it up or down. This allows you to control the flow of fluid. When the spindle is turned downwards, the globe valve falls into the seat and blocks the flow. A globe valve is often used for liquids, steam and gases. 

Bellows valve operation

The bellows valve works basically the same as the regular valve. The difference is in the folding bellows which is placed around the rod. When moving up and down, the bellow will be pulled out and pushed together like an accordion. Thanks to the folding bellows, the bellow valve is extremely suitable for liquids that absolutely must not leak. Think, for example, of dangerous media such as chlorine and ammonia.