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Gate valves

Sliding gate valves stand out because of their large construction height, they exist in very large diameters up to DN2000 and are mainly used for liquids. The gate valve is an on/off valve that is regularly used in front of and behind a control valve in order to isolate it for possible revision. At Fluxer you can find gate valves with threaded, welded and flanged connections.

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Operation of gate valve

In the case of a gate valve, a linear valve where the flow through the body is interrupted by sliding a full plate or slide from the top to the bottom of the valve body. This movement is linear, hence the name linear valve.

Just like a globe valve, the gate valve belongs to the group of multi-turn valves because here too we go from a fully open position to a fully closed position by turning the handwheel 360° several times. Because the gate valve has to be pulled up completely and we have to turn the handwheel several times in order to do this, it is impossible to operate it quickly as with quarter turn valves. In the fully open position the valve is out of the flow and has a full orifice without obstacles.

A gate valve has two versions: with an internal spindle and with an external spindle. There are also four basic types of slide: solid wedge, flexible wedge, split wedge and parallel slide.