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Diaphragm valves

With a diaphragm valve you regulate the flow in a similar way as with a globe valve. The difference is that instead of a valve, you use a flexible diaphragm to close the pipe. Diaphragm valves are particularly suitable for abrasive, corrosive products.

At Fluxer you will find the best quality diaphragm valves from Saunders. We have diaphragm valves with a flange connection or threaded connection in stock. In addition, you can order the caps and the diaphragm separately.

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Operation of a diaphragm valve

A diaphragm valve consists of a housing, the diaphragm and the cap. The cap is the part with which you operate the valve. The diaphragm is the closing part and the body is the medium-lining part.

The medium flows through a slit-shaped opening between the body and the diaphragm. The edges of the diaphragm are clamped so that it can bend in the middle. As with the globe valve, the flow is determined by turning the spindle upwards or downwards. When the spindle turns downwards, the diaphragm will close the opening. A diaphragm valve is often used in the chemical processing industry.

This valve has minimal dead space, is suitable for corrosive substances and can withstand a high working pressure.