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Butterfly valves

One of the most commonly used quarter turn valves in an industrial installation is the butterfly valve. The first applications of the butterfly valve can already be found in the James Watt steam engine. In the current installations butterfly valves are used for liquids, gases, vapours and bulk goods.

Fluxer can offer you a complete range of butterfly valves. Our stock consists of the, standard, centric butterfly valves where, in contrast to the eccentric butterfly valves, the valve step is exactly in the middle of the flow.

In this way, you can find centric butterfly valves made of cast iron, steel and stainless steel, whether or not automated with a pneumatic actuator or an electric actuator, in our stock. Eccentric butterfly valves and flue gas valves are also available.

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Butterfly valve operation

In the case of a butterfly valve, the sealing element consists of a round disc, also known as a disc. This disc rotates in the body around a shaft, which in the case of a (con)centric butterfly valve, is in the middle of the flow. The diameter of the valve disc is usually the same as the pipe diameter.

With a fully open position, the sealing element protrudes from the housing, so that during installation you must take into account that the disc is not obstructed by adjacent valves and auxiliary flow products. Because the valve disc shaft, even in a fully open position, is always in the flow, it will always be an obstacle.

The maximum capacity of a butterfly valve is many times higher than that of a globe valve.