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News 08.02.2021

What is batch control?

To dispense liquids in a simple and reliable way, even when the recipe on a particular production line changes regularly, you can rely on batch control.

Operation of batch control system

The principle of batch control is based on three pillars and corresponding products: a flow meter checks how much liquid is flowing through the pipe network and gives a signal via a batch controller to a solenoid valve that then closes the supply in time.

Flow meter

Various types of flow meters can be chosen from, depending on the situation and application we suggest the most suitable. Fluxer offers mechanical, electromagnetic and coriolis flow meters.

Batch controller

The batch controller serves as a control unit for the flow meter and valve. In this way they are in communication with each other and a good dosage can take place. It has various setting options to suit the different setups. It also has the possibility to pre-programme 7 different batches.


When choosing a valve, we opted for a solenoid valve because of its reaction speed. Other types of auto shut-off valves can of course also be chosen.

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