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News 20.05.2021

Better drinking water quality with the 9000 series from Goetze

Better drinking water quality with the 9000 series from Goëtze

These new pressure reducing valves are distinguished by their simple operation and adjustment. They offer maximum performance and robustness to environmentally conscious users for a wide variety of industries and applications.

The bronze pressure reducing valves of the 9000 series are mainly characterised by their lead-free housing. This means that no contaminants are released into the drinking water. This protects the environment by avoiding heavy metals.

Innovations always require the use of new, advanced materials. For the first time, Goetze KG uses polymers in such large quantities with the 9000 regulator. The high-quality material, which is mainly used for medical applications, is characterised by its resistance to cavitation. In addition to the transparent filter cap, the valve is also made of robust polymer. The filter with a fineness of 160 μm in the inlet area protects the gearbox and the downstream system from contamination. It is easy to clean without removing the spring and without readjusting the outlet pressure.

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